About Us

This site and the software associated with it were created by Jonathan Warkentin and Christopher Klepel.

Jonathan lives in Alberta,Canada.  He began programming on his parents computer in 2003.  Over the years he learned multiple languages and began developing websites, chess engines, computer games, and mobile apps.  As his workload increased, he decided to make app designing easy enough that his clients could build it themselves.  That is how DAY Studio originated.

Christopher lives in Saskatchewan, Canada.  He began programming around the same time as Jonathan.  He found that he was especially talented at graphics design, 3D modeling and UI’s.  He also has a great business sense and understands what customers want most.  By combining Christopher’s graphical and UI skills with Jonathan’s coding and server knowledge, they were able to make DAY Studio a success.

We hope that you will enjoy this product!  If you have a suggestion/bug, please email us so that we can improve our product and your experience.

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