Here are a list of features that we offer:

Preview everything we have to offer for free

Once you sign up for your free account you can view your app for free on your Android or iPhone/iPad*.  This is an actual app which works offline, not just a web-preview.  Just download our previewer app for free and watch your app become a reality in moments!

Design your apps once and publish your app to the Android market!

However you design your app with DAY Studio, we will make it look and work identically to the way you have designed it for both operating systems.  You don’t have to worry about making them the same or having to create two separate apps.  We do all the heavy lifting for you.

Simple drag and drop style editing

You’ve got to try it or you won’t believe just how simple and intuitive it really is!  And we accomplished all that without compromising on customization.  If you want a button a pixel wider, just stretch it like you would an image in your favorite image editor.  You are not restricted to any template or preset grid.  Let your imagination go wild!

No coding required

When we started making mobile apps it was a lot of hard work and hundreds of hours of coding.  You had to know all the languages involved, and everything had to be done separately per operating system.  We have now eliminated the need for years of hard work and boiled it down into a simple drag and drop intuitive interface called DAY Studio.  Every object (button, image, text boxe, tec) has easy-to-edit attributes allowing you the options you want without the coding that used to be needed.  At any moment you can go into RUN mode and emulate your app right from DAY Studio in a split second.  It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Make changes for free at any time and get instant results

If you feel like changing the look and feel of the app every hour then just go right ahead.  Changes are free.  They are also real-time.  Within seconds of publishing any updates to the app both the Android and iOS* versions will reflect those changes.  Did you make a typo?  No problem, you can fix it immediately before anyone notices your error!

Use your apps offline

We don’t expect your clients to always have a network connection so we make your app fully functional offline.  That way they can access your great content at any time without having to use a pricey data plan.

Suggest new features

Do you have a suggestion on how to improve DAY Studio and make it even better?  We want to hear from you so that not only you benefit, but so will everyone else.  If we collaborate together, then our combined efforts will produce a product better than either of us could imagine or accomplish alone.  Please partner with us.

Stay up to date with the latest platform updates

Don’t worry about security and OS updates.  We take care of all of that for free so that you always have a stable, well maintained app on all platforms.  Don’t focus on all the work we do behind the scenes.  Instead put your energy towards the end-product and your client’s needs.  Making apps has never been easier.

No installation necessary, no commitment

If you are leary about installing our software on your computer put your mind at rest.  DAY Studio is a portable executable file.  Just download and run it.  No installation, no harm, no sweat.  Everything about our product has you in mind.  And that includes our product being free to use with full functionality for as long as you’d like.  Only pay once your app is fully ready to be published.  Give us a try and see just how fun and easy making apps and promoting your business can be!

Make a profit on your app

If you would like to sell your app instead of offering it for free, go right ahead.  You pick the price and earn 100% of the profits.  Even if you become a millionair from your app we won’t take a dime!  It’s your app and you can do with it as you please.  We are only here to help you realize your goals and make your dream app a reality.

You are in complete control

We do not force our logo or any other indication that this app was made using DAY Studio anywhere on your app including the splash screen. Your app should be all about what you want and not advertise DAY Studio or any of our other products.  We also do not place any ads on your app so that your customers/audience will stay focused on what you have to offer without distraction.

* This feature is not yet fully developed